The Constellation-SDI project, representing 7 years of development, have been powered by a persevering and expert community.

Without them, nothing would have been possible, and therefore we would like to thank:


Fabien B.

Fabien has designed web interfaces to enable for stability, performance and scalability of Constellation interfaces.

Quentin B.

Quentin has implemented the WPS service and was also involved in the creation and management processes. He has participated in the redesign of management Constellation databases. He is a core maintainer of Constelation.

Cédric B.

Cédric has participated in development of web services WMS, WCS and WMTS level of exposure, respecting OGC standards . It has also developed the directors interface of Constellation.

Martin D.

Martin is chair of the Apache Spatial Information Systemproject, which is the foundation on which is built Geotk and Constellation. He deals with the gradual migration to Apache code Geotk SIS, after review and cleaning.

Laura J.

Laura has created all Constellation graphics by implementing ergonomy and design. She also makes all web integration.

Guilhem L.

Guilhem joined the team in 2007. He has been involved in OGC web services Constellation-SDI and configuration services. He specializes in the implementation of CSW services, SOS and metadata (ISO 19139, SensorML).

Alexis M.

Alexis has corrected many bugs by integrating Constellation to other projects and added temporality WMTS web service.

Rémi M.

Rémi took care of the section on reading raster data and metadata. He optimized the renderer and has provided stability. He made ​​the development of visualization on the fly of raster data. He works on Constellation and on the API Apache SIS.

Christophe M.

Christophe has contributed to all Constellation layers, frontend to backend, database, and the art as sensor/sos.

Laurent T.

Laurent helped the project refactoring and worked on user notions and rights.

Mehdi S.

Mehdi joined the project in 2007 and develops in full-time. He leads the development of the Constellation Suite with the aim to maintain a quality product, wich is stable and feature rich.

Johann S.

Johann developed in the project Geotoolkit, made ​​engine, the connection layers, query and decoding multiple data formats since 2007. It analyzes, corrects and optimizes various projects: GeoAPI, Apache SIS GeotoolKit and Constellation.

and others developpers:Olivier N., Benjamin G., Thomas R.

And thank you to those who have used Constellation

National Entities


Private companies

Airbus Defense and space

We also thank all the anonymous contributors who participated in the Constellation project.

Do not hesitate to send us your name and your actions on the Constellation-SDI project.