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Constellation-SDI 1.2.1
Constellation-SDI 1.2.0
Constellation-SDI 1.1.3
Constellation-SDI 1.1.2
Constellation-SDI 1.1.1
Constellation-SDI 1.1.0

Constellation-SDI - Note for version 1.2.1

Release 8 November 2016

  • Fix for some requests of spring security that cause HTTP 401 Unauthorized.
  • WCS: Fix at startup application, the service was not start correctly.
  • Fixed angular component PickList
  • Fix bug in users form registration.
  • SOS: Fixed request RegisterSensor.

Constellation-SDI - Note for version 1.2.0

Release 27 September 2016

  • New features for metadata dashboard: adding a completely page to manage metadata records with functions such as sorting and filter with the ability to process the batch records.
  • Metadata records can be validated and published with management on the elementary level of completion that lets you specify the minimum level to reach in order to verify a complete metadata sheet.
  • Performance improvement for loading the page of dataset dashboard.
  • The default background layer used MapQuest was replaced by OpenStreetMap for copyright reasons.
  • Rewriting the map viewer component by following good practices of AngularJS.
  • Fixed a bug during the initialization of Spring.
  • Fixed css on the panel for the CSW Service Catalog.
  • Fixed a bug when opening the style editing panel.
  • Fixed a bug when duplicating metadata record
  • Correction about the values generated for style palettes
  • Fix bug in the style raster editing panel, for certain cases when bands did not display but statistics compute was completed well.
  • Fix for NaN values in metadata fields which causes errors for editing the metadata record.
  • WMS : Fix on the accurracy of the dimension values into the GetCapabilities document.
  • Fixed display bug of styled bluemarble layer at level 0.
  • Fixed transactional request on OGC services, the bug was access denied sometimes.
  • SLD editor fix Polygon and Polyline was not refreshed after opening saved styles.
  • Metadata fix when the XML contains TimeInstant values.
  • Fix in metadata profiles for fields temporalElement.extent.beginPosition and endPosition, values was not saved after saving the record.
  • Fix for completion level of metadata records for fields dateType and referenceSystemIdentifier.
  • User is now automatically redirected to sign'in page after trying to access to unauthorized pages.
  • Fix for CorsFilter of the application to allow Cross Origin issues.
  • WPS : Fix in WPS panel when adding and removing processes from the list.
  • i18n : several corrections for labels in all pages.
  • Fix for global variable CSTL_HOME that allow to indicates the constellation's home directory to store the .constellation folder. The logs was not taking in account this variable.
  • SOS : Fix for SOS creation the SGBD is always Postgresql, since Constellation-SDI support only this SGBD.
  • Fix for icons used in data import modal by using file system method.
  • CSW : The version available is always 2.0.2 for Catalog Service, it was 2.0.0 and 2.0.2 but the 2.0.0 was never implemented.
  • Fix in My Profile page, set to disable for login input, because users can change its own login but it causes several errors in current session.

Constellation-SDI - Note for version 1.1.3

Release 5 February 2016

  • Adding a widget for entering spatial envelope in editing a metadata record
  • Adding a widget for entering a sticker quicklook in metadata records (ISO19115 GraphicOverview field)
  • Cleaning the pages that were not functional for managing permissions in services
  • Fixed the count of the displayed process for the OGC WPS Service
  • Improved build to the front part
  • Improved compliance on OGC CSW service answers
  • Some display bugs fixes in the WPS service panel
  • Updated version of GeoAPI, SIS, Geotoolkit
  • Update OpenLayers to version 3.13.0
  • Minor corrections on CSS
  • Updated documentation

Constellation-SDI - Note for version 1.1.2

Release 11 December 2015

  • Add possibility to import and export SLD styles for data
  • Add tests on WPS
  • Correction on DescribeCoverage operation on WCS service for data which use natively the EPSG : 4326 projection
  • Update Geotoolkit version
  • Minor fixes on CSS
  • Corrections on documentation

Constellation-SDI - Note for version 1.1.1

Release 2 November 2015

  • WPS: New functionalities (dashboard, add process) in order to expose or remove a process or an entire process categories
  • WPS, CSW, SOS, WMTS: Enabling OGC services with SOAP
  • WPS: Fixed NullPointerException with WebDav when initializing a WPS service
  • WCS: Correction of a bug related to version 2.0.1 WCS service that was displayed over from the Description tab of the service page
  • Correction of a bug for the detection of the data format when was imported a ZIP archive containing multiple ShapeFile
  • Improvement of GetCapabilities to indicate the CRS and the original data envelope
  • Correction of a bug: when was deleted a dataset, from the Data Dashboard page, the selected data remain visible in the viewer
  • Correction of tooltip indicating the supported data formats when was importing
  • Updating the OpenLayers version 3.10.1

Constellation-SDI - Note for version 1.1.0

Release 22 September 2015

  • Application now uses exclusively the PostgreSQL database.
  • Automatic generation of EPSG schema for EPSG codes support.
  • Use FlyWayDB for database accesses in order to ease future evolution.
  • New Constellation-SDI configuration entirely revised.
  • Upgraded the Open Source OpenLayers library to version 3.8.2.
  • Upgraded the GeoAPI, Apache SIS and Geotoolkit libraries.
  • Complete review of REST API for metadata handling.
  • Many corrections to Constellation REST API for dataset handling.
  • Improved metadata profil with JSON format.
  • Correction and improvement of DATE TIME input in metadata entries.
  • Time zone corrections for date and time in metadata.
  • Possibility to define predefined values for metadata entries from a profile.
  • Many typo corrections in user interface and some sentences rewording.
  • Improvement of page footer with version of the Constellation-SDI in use.
  • Many corrections of SLD editor.
  • Correction on the style per color palette applied on raster data.
  • Correction in SLD editor for styles of types Cell Symbolizer.
  • Improvement in the renderer for raster and vector data layer.
  • Wider range of raster data support with GeoTIFF, SRTM and SPOT 5/6.
  • CSW correction and re-indexation after suppression of metadata entries.
  • Correction in SensorML profile for sensor metadata.
  • WCS 2.0 GetCoverage 2.0 correction and support.
  • WFS 2.0 improvement and correction with GeoJSON and GML 3.2 support.
  • Support of REST interface for WFS.
  • SOS GetCapabilities corrections.
  • OWC Context map composition improvement and correction.
  • WMS and WMTS client improvement for layer visualisation from the Services tab.
  • WMS GetFeatureInfo correction.
  • Security improvement for the REST API.
  • Allow visualisation for each style associated to a data even when there is many.
  • Improved process management notification from the Process tab.
  • Better pagination and filter functions for handling larger amount of dataset in the dataset management page.
  • Better data and style management in the context of slow internet connection.
  • Corrections in application asynchrone queries during data management.
  • Many corrections in data export.
  • Faster display of SLD styles management page.
  • Implemented the “forgot password” function for user accounts.
  • Allow user mail notifications to be disabled with the -Dcstl.mail.enabled=false configuration option.
  • Correction and improvement in enabling/disabling user accounts with notification to the user.
  • Work on CITE tests for OGC services.
  • Improvement in query statistics on the home page.
  • Improvement in logging messages on server side.